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Poetry Corner

River – by Geoff Hoffman

Floating down the river of this life
where years are oars,
and passing illnesses
are metaphoric wars –
with the vision of the mind we see
crisis after crisis roaring mad
as rocks roar into rapids,
then a drift of peace as rivers flow,
slow, undecided, long and low
as life has intervals of calm;
and then dark waters
crashing down deep falls
that almost, almost...

Jewish Travels

Rosh Hashanah alla Romana – Susan Soloway

This year I spent Rosh Hashanah in Rome. I had already emailed the Great Synagogue, situated on the shore of the River Tiber, a few months earlier and was assured that I would be most welcome. No ticket needed. Shacharit starts at 8am.

I decided to arrive around 10am and hope that I would be able to get in. I needn’t have worried. After showing my passport and email to security, I...Read more...

Whats in a name?

Have you ever wondered why the upstairs hall is called The Menorah Hall ?


Our family joined RBRS (as it was) in 1983 having moved to Radlett from Paris, where we were members at Rue Copernick. Previously we had been members at Finchley Reform for 8 years, and Leeds Sinai for all of 6 months!

Our children  (Ian ,Sara & Debbie) were 9, 10  and 3 years old.

We were astonished to find...

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