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Resources to help you at this time


See Our Jewish Values and sign the statement

Petition Parliament to seek to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas here

Board of Deputies

On Sunday 29 October, the Board of Deputies joined together with the JLC, Bicom, UJIA and the CST to present a high level briefing update on the situation in Israel. Click here to watch the recording  We also shared information about the collective work of our communal organisations and what community members can do to assist.

Wellbeing Tips - This is such an unprecedented and terrible time for us all. Many of us feel fear, anger, and especially helplessness both with the situation in Israel and with antisemitism at home.  Please click here for some top tips on coping strategies, which we hope will help you.

Message from the Jewish Joint Burial Society  - The JJBS, stand in solidarity with the people of Israel and pray for the immediate return of the hostages.  They strongly condemn the barbaric acts committed by Hamas and hope for a lasting peace in the region.  Whilst many other organisations will offer a gateway to further information on a regular basis, the JJBS Memorial Garden, set in the Western Cemetery, is open to all who wish to sit in a peaceful setting to reflect, or to mourn for those known to have been murdered.

Board of Deputies have compiled this guide for those that may find themselves in difficult situations or conversations about Israel at work or elsewhere. Navigating the Workplace Arising from the War In Israel

Hertsmere Borough Council

Click here for latest update from Hertsmere Borough Council

Mental Health Services

The following services are available to residents of Hertsmere to support their mental health.   We are working with partners to see how provision can be bolstered. 

The TogetherAll, which is an online anonymous mental health community monitored by professionals. It offers a range of support, courses and advice. Hertfordshire residents over 16 can register for free – just select ‘my area is registered’ and enter your postcode.

NHS Every Mind Matters – Get expert advice and practical tips, try the ‘How are you?; quiz or create a tailored self-care plan to support your mental health and wellbeing

The Five Ways to Wellbeing – feel happier, more positive and able to get the most from life

Jami – provides mental health support to the Jewish Community

Herts Mind Network – provide services including peer support, group activities, counselling and a crisis helpline. Provided  online, over the phone or from Number 10 on Leeming Road, Borehamwood.

Hertfordshire County Council have produced a mental health resource booklet providing information about services available in the community. Should anyone wish to order physical copies of this, please contact

X/Twitter: HertsmereBC ; Facebook: Hertsmere ; Instagram: HertsmereBC ; LinkedIn  HertsmereBC

Hertfordshire Constabulary

The constabulary continues to work in close collaboration with partners at the Community Security Trust and Hertsmere Borough Council, to reassure residents and respond quickly to any behaviour that may be causing a concern.

Additional officers have been drafted in to allow this support to be put in place while daily business is also maintained as usual.

We want to ensure that everyone within the community can continue to go about their lives without fear.

If you have any concerns, these should be reported to police straightaway. If you believe a crime is in progress or someone is in danger, please call 999 immediately. Any other concerns or information can be reported to police via the non-emergency reporting methods.

X/Twitter: @HertsPolice Facebook @Herts Police

Community Security Trust

CST and Police are recording an unprecedented increase in antisemitic incidents and hate crime.

CST are also recording an unprecedented increase in ‘non-incidents’ (that having gone through CST verification process do not include a clear antisemitic motivation) – mainly ‘suspicious behaviour’, demonstrating the vulnerability that the Jewish community are feeling right now.

Mainstream political support for the Jewish community has been excellent.

Operational policing – both in operational support and visibility, and policing of antisemitism and policing of the glorification of proscribed terrorist organisations, has been excellent so far, both in Herts and nationally, and this should continue as is.

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