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B'Mitzvah Mechina (BMM) Overview

A B'Mitzvah is an exciting time; a moment of growth and development followed by communal celebration. Mazel Tov!

Our BM Mechina Course aims to nurture and guide a soon-to-be teenager's natural curiosity through what can be both an exciting yet vulnerable period in their live. For some general background on B'Mitzvah please check out this short article: B'Mitzvah in 1,000 Words

Our course provides multiple opportunities for you and your child to make connections with other families, our rabbis and B'Mitzvah Team. During their time with us your child will bond with their B'Mitzvah peers whilst exploring Jewish wisdom on navigating our complex world. As part of this process they will engage with Jewish ways of praying and reading Torah.

How Our BMM Programme Works:

Children typically begin their B’Mitzvah preparations with us around 4 terms (approx 15 months) before their celebration date. The four Terms of our BM Mechina Programme correspond to ‘four steps’, each of which is made up of approx. ten 1 hour sessions. These sessions take place after school on Fridays and on Shabbat mornings. Children (and their families) progress in cohorts of around 10-15 as they move through the four steps of our programme. In addition to these, children will also receive 1-2-1 tuition, during terms 2 & 3, for their Torah portion. 

BMM1 (1st Step) - Breakfast Club: Becoming Adult (Sat, 9:15-10:15am) - A space for parents and their B’Mitzvah child to come together and explore what it means to be an adult. In these sessions we will enjoy breakfast whilst reflecting on the challenges of navigating through a complex world. Jewish wisdom will be our guide as we explore what it means to ‘grow-up’ and gain rights and responsibilities. 

BMM2 (2nd Step) - The Tune(s) of T’filah & Torah (Fri, 5:15 - 6:15pm)- In these sessions B’Mitzvah children will explore the meaning behind some of our most central prayers including Shema and Amidah - where do these come from and why do they matter! This space will help them learn these prayers and others, many of which they will help co-lead on the Shabbat of their B’Mitzvah. Children will also be introduced to Torah Cantillation - the unique melody that can be used when publically reading from Torah. 

BMM3 (3rd Step) - Chesed and Tzedek: Repairing Ourselves and the World - (Fri, 5:15 - 6:15pm) - A space for B’Mitzvah children to dive deeper into a variety of A space for B’Mitzvah children to explore a range of challenges that can hold one back from being the very best version of themselves. Together we will consider what it means to live a life filled with 'g'milut chesed' - practical acts of kindness - and how this concept connects to legal obligations to behave ethically. We will also consider ‘Tikun Olam’ (‘repairing the world’’) - practical ways to make the world a better place

BMM4 (4th Step) - Teens Take the Lead: Torah Reading & T’filah Support Group -(Sat, 9:15-10:15am) - As children approach their B’Mitzvah Shabbat these sessions help to reinforce the past year’s learning as well as providing a supportive space for them to come together with teachers and friends. 

What is included in Our Programme: 

  • Approx. 40 in-person group sessions
  • Approx. 20, half-hour, 1-2-1 sessions
  • Personal and Ongoing Support from the B'Mitzvah Mechina Team
  • Rabbinic support including: 1-2-1 meetings and a  B'Mitzvah run-through with one of our Rabbis
  • Contribution towards the administrative and resource costs of the programme
  • Cost of sponsoring a basic kiddush at the Shul on the Shabbat your child marks their B'Mitzvah
  • Attendance to our Summer BM Drop-In Sessions
  • Hardback Edition of our Siddur (Forms of Prayer)
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