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Our Cheder

We are proud to give our young people a positive, fun experience whilst learning and this is reflected in that we have one of the largest and most actively attended chedarim in the Jewish Reform Movement in the UK.  We cater for children in Reception to Year 6 (Gan-Vav). There are 30 sessions/year with Hebrew and Jewish Studies each week. 


We begin or end our mornings with a joint assembly to which parents and older/younger siblings are invited. During Kehillah time, we like to celebrate the successes of our students. The programme for this is a mixture of festival led activities, class led activities and mini services where we take our children through the main stages of a service, familiarising them with the prayers and tunes. This is also an opportunity for some of our older students to develop leadership skills.

Jewish Studies

We offer a broad and varied Jewish Studies curriculum. Appreciation of the festivals, their traditions and meaning are taught in every year group. Children have the opportunity to make a range of ritual objects relating to the festivals through their Cheder journey.

 Festivals are celebrated within our programme, sometimes through class based activities and sometimes through focussed whole Cheder fun mornings. 

Our curriculum includes studies of Bible and History, Rituals, the Jewish World, Modern Judaism as well as Ethics and Values. Our topics are taught through discussion, craft activities, cooking, watching DVDs, role play and games and the aim is for them to be fun and informative, with each year group building upon their previous knowledge. 

We also work with a given charity to carry out a variety of mitzvot thoughout the year, with the children achieving awards throughout their mitzvah


Hebrew is taught through a range of games, worksheets, songs activities and work books. Learning is designed to be fun, informal and positive. In the early years, Hebrew is taught through vocabulary and word recognition. As the children progress through the Cheder, they learn to decode and read words and ultimately prayers from the siddur. We recognise that children learn in a variety of ways and have individual needs. Support for all learners is available through the strong team of teaching staff and Madrichim (teen leaders). journey. 

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