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Baby Blessings

If you have recently had a baby: Mazal tov!

Whether you have a new son or daughter, you may well want to organise a Jewish celebration of your new arrival.

New-born boys are usually given their Hebrew name at the conclusion of the brit milah (circumcision) ceremony, which often takes place at home with family and close friends. You can find details for local members of The Association of Reform and Liberal Mohalim, all of whom are qualified doctors, by clicking here

Parents are also encouraged to hold a corresponding celebration for girls (a simchat bat, rejoicing in a daughter) at home, when her Hebrew name can be given. Please contact Rabbi Paul Freedman if you would like help in preparing the liturgy for such an occasion, or indeed for any guidance in choosing a Hebrew name for your son or daughter.

Some weeks or months later, a baby blessing may take place in the synagogue towards the conclusion of the shabbat morning service. As well as giving thanks for the safe delivery of the child, this is a chance to welcome him or her into the community, and the Hebrew name, and a blessing, are given in public. Parents often sponsor a special kiddush after the service and may purchase a leaf for the Tree of Life to mark the joyous occasion.

If you would like to arrange a baby blessing for your child, please contact the Rabbi in the first instance. Once a date (and a name) have been fixed, other details can be arranged with the office. For the ceremony, a special, individualised order of service will be produced.

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