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Adult Learning in 2021

The Learning Circle - Classes below are all online using zoom.

We are pleased to offer a range of Adult Learning opportunities that make studying enjoyable and engaging.  We offer a variety of day and evening classes, so that you should be able to find something that appeals to you and takes you a step further on your journey of Jewish learning.  Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced student, you will be made to feel very welcome by the friendliness of our teachers, presenters and facilitators. We are happy to take suggestions for our programme, so do please get in touch via the synagogue office.


Some classes require advance booking, please book online or contact the synagogue office by calling 01923 856110 or by email:

Siddur Hebrew


Understanding Judaism

A relaxed class covering festivals, lifecycle events, home observances and history.  Ideal for anyone wanting to learn or update their understanding of day-to-day Judaism or looking to convert. This course runs on a Tuesday evening. Contact the synagogue office for details.


Topics and texts from the Tanakh

This will consist of a number of discussions, led by Jack Alvarez, conducted via Zoom, on Tuesday afternoons for about 50 – 60 minutes from 2.00pm. Discussions will be in English with only the occasional reference to anything in Hebrew and participants will find it handy to have the JPS Tanakh or a Chumash to which to refer.Everyone is welcome on either a regular or sporadic basis. Zoom details from the synagogue office

12th January - Call of Abram
9th February - Psalm 58
9th March
13th April
11th May
8th June
13th July

Audacious Jews

A series of lively lectures, with Jonathan Bergwerk on the lives and impact of Audacious Jews. These sessions usually take place on a Wednesday evening during term-time.

  • Please contact the synagogue office if you would like to join one of these sessions on Zoom.
  • Wednesday 20 Jan 7.45pm Louis Brandeis

    Supreme Court Justice, Zionism, prophetic legacy

    Wednesday 3 Jan 7.45pm

    Abraham Isaac Kook   

    First Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, mysticism, a reforming Hasid

    Wednesday 17 Feb 7.45pm Stan Lee

    Marvel Comics, Spider-Man, empowering a generation

    Wednesday 3 March 7.45pm

     Isaac Bashevis Singer  

    Yiddish author, the old country, Nobel Laureate

    Wednesday 17 March 7.45pm

    Rosalind Franklin

    The discovery of DNA, not being a Nobel Laureate, vaccines

Novel Talmud

Thursday mornings 11.15am – 12.45pm.  Meeting each week.   We are studying/ discussing Milton Steinberg's As a Driven Leaf - the gripping tale of renegade talmudic sage Elisha ben Abuyah's struggle to reconcile his faith with the allure of Hellenistic culture.  Led by Rabbi Paul. Contact the synagogue office for details of how to join.

Wed, 27 January 2021 14 Sh'vat 5781