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Youth &  Students @ Radlett  Reform


Teenagers @ Radlett  Reform

We’re proud that a number of our young members choose to stay involved for many years after their bar or bat mitzvah, complete our Hadracha (leadership) course and become Madrichim (leaders).


As Madrichim, these young people have a chance to earn some money, put their skills to use, gain invaluable work experience and work in a fun, safe environment like no other.

  • Take on responsibility
  •  Lead your own team
  •  Plan and run your own activities
  •  Participate in charity events
  •  Work on a weekend away or an international trip
  •  Use your many talents to teach skills to others
  •  Learn to express yourself and work in a group
  •  Staff trips (to Europe, canal boats and more!)
  •  Get a qualification and a chance to win prizes
  •  Gain Jewish knowledge and be part of our community
  •  Play games, mess around, have fun
  •  Learn transferable skills that will be with you forever

Students over-18 have a very important place at Radlett Reform. Without them we wouldn’t able to run our Schemes, residentials or international trips.

Not only are working at these events unforgettable experiences in themselves for our students, we also like to say thank you by running specially tailored days out and trips for our 18—22 year olds.

Examples have included a canal boat weekend with debates, drinks, pub lunches, lock-opening, games and just relaxing.

Youth Residentials

Our residentials are great for teenagers 

  •  yes fun learning environment
  •   yesJewish religious and cultural experience
  •   yesmake new friends
  •  yes discover new talents

Please email for more information

4th Radlett Scouts

4th Radlett Scout Group is a predominantly Jewish Group, meeting at and supported by Radlett Reform Synagogue




  We prepare young people with Skills for Life


  • Beavers is for boys and girls aged 6 to 8.
    They meet in the back hall Tuesdays 6.00 to 7.00 pm.
  • Cubs is for boys and girls aged 8 to 10½.
    They meet in the back hall Tuesdays 7.05 to 8.15 pm.
  • Scouts is for boys and girls aged 10½ to 14.
    They meet in the back hall Wednesdays 7.15 to 8.45 pm.
Find Out More
For further details on the 4th Radlett Scout Group, please contact Jo Hulman via the synagogue office on 01923 856110. Further information can be found here



Students @ Radlett  Reform

Jeneration is the space for Reform and Progressively-minded students and young adults to explore their Jewish identity.

Innovation, accesibility and responsiveness to modernity is at the heart of Judaism, and we work with you to bring vibrancy and fun to Jewish life!

Find out more at

UJS (Union of Jewish Students) is a voluntary membership organisation which represents 8500 Jewish students studying in the UK and Ireland.

UJS is a confederation of Jewish Societies (J-Socs) but also provides further opportunities for student engagement through our national programming.

UJS provides a number of services to Jewish students around the country to accommodate their needs. These services are spaces (accommodation and social spaces) and kosher food provisions.

Find out more at

Shnat Netzer is our gap year scheme. It’s organised by our international umbrella organisation – Netzer Olami. Shnat Netzer is an exciting, challenging and stimulating way to spend a year in Israel and to be part of a communal way of life. Shnat Netzer will broaden your horizons and offering in opportunities to discover yourself and what it means to be Jewish and live in Israel from a progressive perspective.

Shnat Netzer is a unique 10 month leadership training programme for young adults in Israel that develops the skills and knowledge necessary for them to become madrichim (leaders) in the movement.

It facilitates personal development, offers opportunities to study Jewish and Zionist ideals and provides a structured environment for learning about and experiencing Netzer’s principles.

Shnat Netzer is an exciting, challenging and stimulating way to spend a year in Israel and to be part of a communal way of life. Shnat Netzer will broaden your horizons and offering in opportunities to discover yourself and what it means to be Jewish and live in Israel from a progressive perspective. You will be able to form life- long friendships both with your peers within the Shnat Netzer group and with other Jews from around the world whom you will meet throughout the year.

If you have been involved with a Netzer branch or if you have grown up in a Reform/ Progressive Jewish community and you are wandering where to go from here, this is the natural way to continue that involvement. It’s a chance to acquire a whole new range of skills and abilities and many wonderful memories.

The year is spent with participants from all over the world, including South Africa, Australia, Argentina, North America, the Former Soviet Union and Europe. Together you will be able to develop skills and share experiences to help you become knowledgeable youth leaders


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