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Link – If we don’t know, we can’t help!


Caring for one another is an important part of belonging to our community.  Link is our community support department where our Community Support Worker, Helen Janes,  looks after the needs of our members by providing a sympathetic ear and practical assistance. 

Helen is a trained counsellor, skilled in befriending those in need whether through bereavement or other circumstances.  She can arrange help with cooking or organising lifts to synagogue services. Most importantly, she is there to listen and quietly offer support on the telephone, or in person.

What can LINK do?

We aim to …..

  • reach out to the community and involve others in our work
  • telephone and visit elderly and housebound members of the community when requested
  • provide meals when necessary
  • offer lifts to services and synagogue events
  • shop or collect prescriptions 
  • phone, and maybe visit, if you have experienced a recent bereavement
  • help to bring the community together and introduce you to fellow members
  • listen and simply be there to support you through immediate personal difficulties

We are happy to contact anyone who we hear is unwell or is in need of any help.

To contact Link, please email Helen Janes via or telephone the Synagogue office on: 01923 856 110.
Sat, 26 September 2020 8 Tishrei 5781