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Clergy Kavvanah Connect

In these difficult times, it is more important than ever before to connect with each other and to feel part of a community. Our wonderful clergy are spending 15 minutes each day joining our community on Facebook live. This happens at 11am every day (apart from Shabbat and festivals when we will be already be having an online service). You can find Clergy Kavvanah Connect live on our Facebook page or on our live page on this website. The videos remain available to watch afterwards on Facebook and are also archived here, so you can easily catch up on the daily videos by clicking on the relevant dates below. This page will be updated daily.

Monday 25 May with Rabbi Celia - the Amidah and prayer space

Sunday 24 May with Rabbi Paul - blessings for the new month

Friday 22 May with Cantor Sarah - psalm 104

Thursday 21 May with Rabbi Celia - taking a leap of faith and appreciating heroes

Wednesday 20 May with Rabbi Paul  - narrow bridges

Tuesday 19 May with Cantor Sarah - Torah seasons

Monday 18 May with Rabbi Celia

Friday 15 May with Cantor Sarah - mountain songs

Thursday 14 May with Rabbi Celia - everything I learned, I learned at camp 

Wednesday 13 May with Rabbi Paul - shacharit and the structure of a service

Tuesday 12 May with Cantor Sarah - Lag B'Omer and rainbows

Monday 11 May with Rabbi Celia - reflecting on mah tovu

Sunday 10 May with Rabbi Paul - putting on tefillin

Thursday 7 May with Rabbi Celia - why she runs & launching "Praying with your feet" support group

Wednesday 6 May with Rabbi Paul and his morning cup of coffee

Tuesday 5 May with Cantor Sarah - celebrating 1 year as a cantor with psalm 93

Monday 4 May with Rabbi Celia including Ravel's Bolero played by the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

Sunday 3 May with Rabbi Paul - in the village of Chelm

Friday 1 May with Cantor Sarah - including the text "love your neighbour as yourself" from this week's Torah portion

Thursday 30 April with Rabbi Paul - counting our blessings

Wednesday 29 April with Rabbi Celia and Benjy Maor, director at Leo Baeck Education Center, Haifa

Tuesday 28 April with Cantor Sarah - Yom HaZikaron including the poem "Half the People" by Yedhuda Amichai

Monday 27 April with Rabbi Celia including the poem "Tourists" by Yehuda Amichai

Sunday 26 April with Rabbi Paul - Keva & Kavvanah referencing Richard Dawkins' "The Magic of Reality"

Friday 24 April with Cantor Sarah - teachings from this week's Torah portion including disease and social distancing and "Transforming the Meaning of Purity" by Rachel Adler

Thursday 23 April with Rabbi Celia referencing "The year of living biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to follow the Bible as Literally as Possible"  by A. J. Jacobs

Wednesday 22 April with Cantor Sarah, thoughts on 13th day of the Omer including Omer calendar of biblical women and a satirical comedy of Jephthah's daughter

Tuesday 21 April Rabbi Paul - Yom Ha-shoah with musical contributions from Andrew & Susie Blankfield and Hannah & Rebecca Green

Monday 20 April with Rabbi Celia - Yom HaShoah

Sunday 19 April with Cantor Sarah including Ashirah - a melody from Psalm 13

Friday 17 April with Rabbi Paul - how to tie tzitzit, see diagram

Thursday 16 April with Rabbi Celia

Tuesday 14 April with Rabbi Paul including "The things we take for granted" - Milton Steinberg

Monday 13 April with Rabbi Celia including the Saturday night seder

Sunday 12 April with Rabbi Paul - matzah ramble  email your matzah ramble photos here

Friday 10 April with Rabbi Celia including 10 blessings by Rabbi Elyse Goldstein

Wednesday 8 April with Rabbi Paul - Bi'ur Chametz

Tuesday 7 April with Rabbi Paul and Andrew Blankfield - the order of the seder

Monday 6 April with Rabbi Celia including poems by Karyn Kedar and Menachem Creditor

Sunday 5 April with Rabbi Paul - including havdalah

Friday 3 April with Rabbi Paul - Shabbat Ha-gadol

Thursday 2 April with Rabbi Celia

Wednesday 1 April with Rabbi Paul including the anonymous mediaeval poem odeh la-el

Tuesday 31 March with Cantor Sarah

Monday 30 March with Rabbi Celia

Sunday 29 March with Rabbi Paul + Josh

Friday 27 March with Cantor Sarah

Thursday 26 March with Rabbi Celia

Wednesday 25 March with Rabbi Paul

Tuesday 24 March with Cantor Sarah

Monday 23 March with Rabbi Celia

Sunday 22 March with Rabbi Paul

Friday 20 March with Cantor Sarah

Thursday 19 March with Rabbi Celia

Wednesday 18 March with Rabbi Paul






Tue, 26 May 2020 3 Sivan 5780